What are ground screws?

Mar 06 2019

Ground screws,a kind of hot forged metal pipe with welded helical blade on its outside surface.Ground screws have three main parts,hot forged metal pipe,helical blade and connecting flange,helical blades and connecting flange weld on hot forged metal pipe then overall hot dip galvanizing.The basic working principle is equivalent to wood screws,which are screwed into the ground by a special screw pile tightening device, replacing the original concrete foundation, and the top is connected to the load.

The product originated in Germany. Because of its outstanding advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency, it has rapidly spread in developed countries in Europe and America, replacing the traditional cement pile foundation, and has epoch-making significance innovation and upgrade. The earliest countries to be popular are Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Poland, Canada, Australia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.